Prolepsis provides applied services appropriate for public health departments, universities, hospitals, companies, professional associations, and labor unions. We are prepared to assist with or develop research protocols, conduct program evaluation, and assist with grant application preparation. We will also seek to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations in advocacy and outreach initiatives relevant to populations and contexts of mutual interest.

research protocol

Research Protocol Development

Prolepsis can assist researchers and practitioners in the design and implementation of an array of protocols appropriate for empirical research in population and occupational health and safety. We can guide quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method research designs, research methodology, sampling strategy, measurements and tools, analytical plans, validity and reliability tests, sensitivity analysis, as well as answer questions regarding research ethics, human subjects protections and procedures, IRB applications, and informed consent procedures.


Evaluation of Programs and Interventions

Prolepsis has the expertise to assess the efficiency, efficacy, impact, and sustainability of programs and interventions involving population and occupational health and safety that are ongoing or in planning phases. We use traditional and novel methodologies, analytical methods, and measurements during all phases of evaluation, to ensure the accurate assessment of the effectiveness, impact, efficiency and cost-benefit relationships of programs, and identify areas needing improvement.

grant proposal prep

Grant Proposal Preparation

Prolepsis can provide guidance to both first-time and more advanced researchers and practitioners in their efforts to gain funding by federal, nonprofit, and other agencies in diverse areas of population and occupational health and safety. We can assist you in the conceptualization, design, and writing of successful grant proposals.

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Advocacy and Outreach

Prolepsis is committed to social justice advocacy, awareness-raising initiatives, and outreach activities to reduce social, occupational, food, health, and housing inequalities, poverty, and social exclusion.

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Data Repositories

Prolepsis is planning the development of dynamic data repositories, with the goal to include various primary and secondary data in diverse areas of occupational health and safety. These data repositories will be accessible to interested researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and other stakeholders with permission.